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Moore's Roofing Co Inc Reviews:

Patti Capri


"Moore's Roofing did alot of repairs on my roof and it was actually affordable. We really could not afford a new roof but, when we do we will hire Moore's because they were professional, knew their job, skilled and cleaned the area after they were finished."


Alan Cozzens


"Friday morning I emailed Moore’s Roofing and requested they inspect the roof on a small home I own in the Fargo area. That afternoon they had a crew in the area doing some estimates and had them drop by the house to see how severe the leak was and how extensive the necessary repairs might be. After inspecting the roof, they determined it was a minor problem, got out their equipment and did the repairs right then and there. It took them about 20 minutes to tack down some shingles and seal the edges with some silicone. These people had no work order, no signed contract, nothing except my word in an email to them. They did not know me from Adam, I was just some guy 500 miles away in New Mexico who said he was good for the bill. These people are the epitome of true professionals! I highly recommend them to anyone in need of any type of roofing services without the slightest reservation!"

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